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Moth and firefly

Mark was immediately drawn to Francine from the first moment he saw her. Maybe these were just his moth instincts kicking in as, after all, Francine was a firefly and how could a moth not be drawn to the light? However, he liked to think it was more than that. After all, he had been drawn to Francine and not any of her firefly friends nearby. Neither could've told you what his grand opening line was, but they both knew that they fell in love that first night.

They didn't think that their relationship could get even crazier from love at first sight, but it did. The next morning they took flight and found an undisturbed meadow. The meadow hadn't been tainted by humans or machines or even other animals. It was all theirs. As they flittered about the meadow though, this changed.

A small bird began to circle them, from a distance at first but then slowly closer and closer. Before they realized, the bird was just a foot away from them. Mark and Francine exchanged looks and knew …
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Girl Scouts

"Come on, Jenny, I know you'll love it," pleaded Jenny's mom, Nadine.

"But I don't want to move," pouted Jenny. Her parents had sprung this move on her just a week ago

and they had to get packed up right away because her mom's new job needed her right away.

"The new house is going to be great. It even has a tree house," Jenny's dad Joe tried.

"I don't like tree houses," whined Jenny, "I like our house."

Jenny's parents looked at each other. They knew Jenny was sad, but the move was too good of an opportunity for them all. Better job for Nadine, a better city for Joe to create his artwork in, and a better school for Jenny. They decided that for the moment they would let Jenny be.

"Okay, sweetheart. I know we'll find something you like in the new town," Nadine said as she and Joe left.

"Doubt it," Jenny huffed into her pillow.


A few days after they had moved into their new home and …

Nuns in Vegas

Sisters Helen and Linda had devised a devilish plan. Now, they knew that, as nuns, they really shouldn't be devising devilish plans, but they wanted just one weekend of craziness. They had both joined the order when they were eighteen and had never had one of those wild nights that you'd end up saying you regret but really just be very fondly proud of.

They knew that they needed funding and so they found a way to slowly siphon off a lot of money from the school they were working at. Now, they made sure that it was never so much that the kids or teachers were going without, but there were a few budget talks that had the Sisters sweating.

But the day had finally come. Sisters Helen and Linda were going to Vegas. They rented a hot red convertible and let the wind take their habits' cowls off into the wind. They screamed, "Vegas!" as they crossed into the city because it's what they felt like they should do.

They got a few looks when they checked into the hotel, …

Spanish class

Rose stared at the little community center flyer. It was bright yellow, so it'd caught her eye. The flyer was for Spanish classes at the community center. Rose had been volunteering there since she'd retired a year ago, but hadn't actually thought about taking a class before. Sure she had helped with set up and take down of classes, had arranged supplies, and had even cleaned up after some. But there hadn't been any classes that had caught her eye.

But this Spanish class really appealed to her. A few weeks ago Rose had decided to finally cross an item off of her bucket list: visit Machu Picchu. The planned trip also took her through Ecuador and Colombia, because Rose didn't see the point of going all the way to another continent without seeing more than one country. Of course, Rose would also be spending time in Peru outside of Machu Picchu. Now, while she had booked a tour guide for a good part of it, Rose was feeling nervous that she didn't know a bit of Span…

School economy

"So the first thing you're gonna have to know about this school is the economy of it," Richard said conspiratorially as he led Mackenzie through the halls. Richard had somehow been roped into being the guide to new students.

"What, like cigarettes or something?" scoffed Mackenzie. She thought Richard was just screwing with her--she was the new kid after all.

"Pfft, no. This isn't prison."

Mackenzie looked around at the small windows and stark walls and then gave Richard a look complete with a raised eyebrow.

"Okay," he admitted, "it's a bit like prison, but really the economy runs on shirt pockets."

"Shirt pockets?"

"Yeah we use them like money here. You can save them up and trade them for other school supplies. The rarer the item, the more shirt pockets you need."

"So do you all just make shirt pockets in home ec or something? Does this school even have home ec?"

"No, I don't think so…

Town Christmas tree

Jack didn't mind that the town called him 'Frosty.' He'd gotten this nickname about a decade ago at the town's first annual Christmas tree lighting. It was a shame that the tradition only started 10 years ago as it was now the most beloved town even. Over the years, the simple countdown to lighting the large town tree had grown to include the elementary school choir performing Christmas songs, hot cocoa and snacks being sold to benefit the town's less fortunate, a toy drive for kids in the town who may otherwise go without presents, a snowman making contest, a town-wide snowball fight, a Santa lookalike contest, ice sculptures, and a large bonfire for the town to roast marshmallows on.

That first year though, when it had just been lighting the tree, Jack had been assigned as the lighting operator. Wanting to be a bit festive, he had worn a snowman sweater. After turning on the lights, Jack realized he was standing a bit too close and everyone in town saw his do…

Still grebs

"What are you calling about, man?" grumbled Felix. He had wanted to sleep in now that it was the weekend, but Harry had woken him up with a series of phone calls. Normally, Felix would've ignored a call at this hour, but it was hard to ignore the fifth one in a row.

"It's grebs!" shouted Harry.

"Grebs?" asked Felix. It had been a bit hard to hear Harry--it sounded like there was a large crowd around him.

"Yes! They've invaded Galway! Come quick, we have to fight them off!"

Felix vaguely remembered the discussion of grebs with Lily a little while ago, but he'd been hoping that Harry would've dropped the topic by now. There were some things Harry wasn't meant to know.

"What are you on about?" asked Felix, wiping some sleep from his eyes.

"Check your WhatsApp messages, I sent you a video."

"Okay, one sec." Felix took the phone away from his ear and opened up WhatsApp. There were a ton of message…